Has the Red Sox - Orioles Rivalry Gone too Far?

I'm sure everybody is aware of what happened last series. But for those of you who are unaware, take a quick look at our previous article Sox vs Orioles: The Sequel. What happened was Machado slid hard into second and hit Pedroia's knee. Was it a dirty slide? Depends who you talk to. Personally, after seeing what Chase Utley did to Ruben Tejada in the 2015 NLCS, I think almost any slide that goes significantly past the bag (other than home) is now considered a dirty slide. Of course, the Red Sox retaliated and hit Machado. However, they waited until 2 games later to do so. Machado was pissed at Pedroia, but he tried to tell Machado that he didn't tell them to hit him. This is just where it all gets started.

Pedroia tries to mouth to Machado that "It's not me. If it was me we would've hit you the first day." Sale also threw behind Machado last night to apparently send a message. Since he slid into Pedroia, the Red Sox have thrown at or behind Machado 5 times. It is just getting ridiculous. Barnes also threw at Machado's head, which is a huge no-no in baseball. When you retaliate or send a message you are supposed to throw at a guy's side or shoulder so that he can turn and get hit in the back. If you don't have good enough control of where your pitch is going, don't throw at his shoulder where you can slightly miss and hit his head. 

This constant back and forth, and Sale throwing behind Machado last night sparked a rant by Machado after the game.  

Wow that was a lot of swearing. Were the Red Sox wrong for throwing at Machado 5 times? Of course. Should they have thrown at his head? No way. But should Machado have expected to get hit after injuring Dusty? Without a doubt. 

I've always been a fan that prefers old school baseball with hard slides, throwing at batters, real rivalries, and the occasional brawl. I miss the old Red Sox - Yankees rivalry with Pedro and Don Zimmer going at it. However, even I think that this is getting out of hand. The old school thought was you had one chance to hit the guy in retaliation. If you missed, well then you missed your only chance to hit him as well. I would love to see a true rivalry emerge between the Sox and Os, but in the right way. I'm not even going to start with the racist comments towards Adam Jones either. Lastly, if Machado meant everything he said in his rant and both him and Sale make the All-Star team (which let's be real they both will barring injury) I don't want to see them being buddy buddy with each other. If you were that pissed off you shouldn't put on a show for the fans at the All-Star Game or just put those feeling aside. Let's see a heated rivalry with class the rest of the year and give the fans something fun to look forward to while maintaining the old school, unwritten rules of baseball.