Red Sox Find New Competitive Advantage

At a time when we are normally focused on what is going on down in Fort Myers the Red Sox have managed to draw our attention back to Fenway Park. Renovations are being made to enhance the players' performance. They are creating a "sleep room" for the players. This isn't just any old room with some beds though. The Red Sox have signed a sponsorship deal with Bedgear in order to maximize the effectiveness of the beds. 


This sounds crazy but it just might work. Everybody knows that when a person is well rested they perform better than they do when they are not well rested. Another reason people may not recognize is the ease of mind that comes from sleeping. I have been a pitcher for my whole life and just like every other player I naturally get nervous before big games. When a player is nervous his energy drains at a faster rate than when he is relaxed. A 30-minute power nap allows for the player to get some rest for both his body and his mind. 

Bedgear Technology

Bedgear is pulling out all of the stops for the Red Sox sleep room. They have provided a variety of pillows for the players based off of the way they sleep. There are different pillows for a person who sleeps on their side, a person who sleeps on their stomach and a person who sleeps on their back. They don't stop there either. Bedgear has provided sheets that wick away sweat and heat as the players sleep. These sheets perform similarly to every athlete's favorite shirt material: dry-fit. Bedgear considers themselves a performance-enhancing bedding company. I don't know about you but I think this is the best way to enhance a player's performance. Just ask A-Rod. 


Is this magical sleep room going to win the Sox the World Series? Probably not. Will it make the players happy and help them win some games throughout the year? Definitely. What makes this sleep room the most important is that it proves that the Red Sox management is willing to invest in any way necessary to keep the players happy and aren't being stingy. My only thought now is who will be the first player to nap in the sleep room?