Celtics vs. Wizards: Game 7



This is it. Win or go home with a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals on the line, which would be huge for both franchises.

For the Washington Wizards, a win tonight would end a 38-year conference finals drought. 1979 was Washington's last conference finals appearance, when they were known as the Bullets and where they actually went on to the NBA Finals, only to lose to the Seattle SuperSonics. 1979 was also the last year the Wizards/Bullets won a division title.

As for the Boston Celtics, they haven't made the Eastern Conference Finals since 2012, where the Celtics met LeBron James and the Miami Heat, ultimately losing in 7 games. 

A win for Boston not only is a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals and a shot at the Cleveland Cavaliers, it could also be a lot bigger for this upcoming offseason. As it stands now, the Celtics are a fairly attractive free agent destination, considering the future they seem to have. An Eastern Conference Finals appearance would make that attraction even larger and it would make Boston a hard place not to sign with if you're a player Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward.

The next 24 hours for the Celtics will be absolutely huge for the franchise, as they have a chance at heading to the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially getting the top pick in the NBA Draft.

Now as for the actual game, it will be a battle, it will be loud, and it will more than likely down to the last second. John Wall and Isaiah Thomas are the stars in this series, and you should expect nothing less than an epic matchup between the star guards. 

But the winner of this game will have to be determined by the role and bench players. 

The pressure of Game 7 doesn't seem to bother Thomas, "Man, I don't believe in pressure," he said. "I work too hard to be scared of any type of pressure."

Whether he feels pressure or not, every fan will feel the pressure and stress of Game 7. This is where legends are made, and both of these teams will do whatever it takes to win. This will be fun.