Boston has the most dedicated sports fans in the entire country and to be frank it isn't even close. No team has ever sold out a stadium more consecutive times than the Red Sox in the MLB and no city has won more championships in this century. Here at Boston Maniacs we are here to keep it real and to keep you informed. We also know that many of us are not just huge Boston Fans but huge sports fans in general. We all have a craving to find out how our favorite team can improve and the best way is through the draft. Thus, our team decided to bring you everything you need to know about both the NFL and NBA drafts. Lastly, our team wanted to create a one stop shop for all your sports needs so we included both Daily and Season long Fantasy advice. Do you need to know who to pick up this week for your fantasy football team? We got you. Do you need to know who's the best upcoming player in this years NBA or NFL Draft? Yet again we got you covered? Do you need some help figuring out the top plays for this weeks Draft Kings Slate? We'll if you do we have you covered there too.