Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 28

After having a dud lineup last night in the NBA, we are moving back to the MLB for a contrarian squad that we feel really good about. We plan to enter this into a larger field GPP, because it has a nice boom or bust potential with it. Most fantasy players will be having one of the top 2 pitchers tonight, but we are getting a little crazy and are paying up for two... and here is why!

Last night, when looking over the games, we felt strongly that the Minnesota Twins looked like a good value play. Well, with the weather issues in Colorado we had no major desire to get in on stacks for very many squads. The Vegas line on the Minnesota Twins has been shifting quickly throughout the day today too, which likely means the smart money is up to something. The over/under started the morning at 8 points and has now climbed all the way to 9. In addition, the favorite in the game has moved from a slight White Sox favorite to a slight Twins favorite. This is AFTER Sano was ruled out for the game. There should be a ton of value in a lineup with nobody over $4,000 that is projected to score 5+ runs! Here is what we came up with. Let's get it!