Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 31

Recap: Last night finished up a solid basketball cash after Avery Bradley went off for us in game 5. Our Thursday entry, a golf lineup, is currently looking great! We need a stud or two to make a serious run at the top, but definitely no complaints where we sit right now! It is a lock for cash, just a matter of how much!

Entry: Tonight we definitely wanted to take advantage of the cheaper price tag on Kershaw. I don't care if the man is pitching on the moon... If people cannot hit him, the air won't matter! We paired him with Corbin as the Pirates bats have struggled recently, making it a solid chance at a nice value pick up. Our batters ended up being a lot of lead-off type hitters, which should give us good value throughout the games, but will likely not provide a ton of HRs. So we will plan on 2-3 hits and a SB for each of them and call it a day!