Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 20

Yesterday we had a pitcher head to the locker room after just one inning. It was unfortunate, but our hitters powered us through and helped us to get over the hump and into the money. Our Yankees stack did not hit the value that we had hoped for, but 19 out of Holliday was pretty solid.

Tonight we are heading back to baseball and have a bit of a unique outlook on the slate. We saw the Kansas City Royals being underpriced and under played and it allowed us to be able pay up for Kershaw while getting a stack we feel pretty good about. There were also some other nice value pieces available like Tyler Collins for Detroit and Hernandez for Philly that helped round out our lineup. We do think Kershaw and Severino will both be very chalky, so the KC stack needs to help us differentiate from a lot of what else is out there. Hopefully with the wind blowing out, the Royals hitters will be able to take advantage and get us a couple HRs. Also the fade of the Cubs might come back to bite us, but with the ownership that will occur in that game, we feel a full fade makes sense from an GPP upside perspective.