Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 18

We are relieved to finally have a chance at redemption after last Sunday's MLS slate. Lucky for us, Draft Kings has grossly mispriced a player, giving us a borderline unlimited cap to work with! For whatever reason, the price makers at Draft Kings decided to give us about a $4,000 discount on Giovanni dos Santos, the goal scorer for the LA Galaxy. With the Galaxy playing against a poor defending team in the Philadelphia Union, there is no explanation at all for this discount. As someone who plays nearly every MLS slate, I do not recall a time where dos Santos was under $8,000... Let alone dropping all the way under $5,000! Insanity. With that discount, we were able to get him paired with Alessandrini, who should also be able to take advantage of the Philly D.

Another couple spots we liked were Seattle's defense hosting the Revolution and Minnesota's attack against the Earthquakes. Looking at all the matchups across the slate, there is little doubt in our mind that Seattle has the most CS and win potential on the slate --- Making them a great option to get in a goalie and defender stack. Minnesota attackers continue to be under priced as Draft Kings as a whole (Only moved Molino up in the pricing), leaving us with Venegas and Ramirez returning us a ton of value. Overall this lineup should provide us a nice return!