Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 15

Day 14 Recap: Despite putting up a decent score in baseball last night, we failed to cash after the Washington and Colorado game went nuts. Normally we would have tried to be in on that game, but with the weather, we took a chance that the game would be delayed/rained out, which would have given us a major advantage over the field. It did not happen and thus there were a lot of big scores on the night.

Day 15 Entry: Today we are entering the Euro Golf Tournament, twice! Technically this event is playing in Asia, so it is starting on Wednesday night in the US, but is actually a Thursday AM start over there. When we first looked at the DK pricing, we could not believe where people were at. The $6,000 range is loaded with guys that should have legit chances to Top 10 this field. That meant we were able to pay up for the guys we wanted without any concerns of cap restrictions. The 4 guys that really make up our core are Lipsky, Zanotti, Oleson and Frittelli. If I were betting on just one guy to win the tournament, it would 100% be Lipsky this week. We played 2 lineups in the Birdie ($3 each), the lineup below and an additional lineup with Ritthammer and Siem replaced by Dodt and Pigem, just in case our cheaper guys fail to perform this week. We feel confident that we will have a good return on this entry, but we will find out Sunday!