Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 14

Day 13 Recap: Last night was a solid showing for us as the NBA lineup had a nice 250% ROI on the entry fee. In addition, a baseball lineup was put into a $1 contest managed to double it's money. While it was a good showing, the NBA lineup was close to hitting that exponential curve where the return really sky rockets... So we feel like we left a little cash on the table! That is something that we will have to fix tonight. Our account was at $83.05 after the winnings.

Day 14 Entry: We are headed back into the MLB for our featured lineup tonight. We will be entering this lineup in a $2 double up as well as a $1 tournament. In addition, we will be entering an NBA lineup into a small game or two as well. Follow us on Twitter @mattstradamus1 to see check that one out!

For the MLB lineup tonight, we were torn. Kershaw is so expensive that his upside can almost certainly not justify his price, but his floor is so much safer that we felt playing him was the right move, even in GPP. Therefore, we went cheap with the second pitcher (Wacha) and paid up for the best pitcher in the game. So the move now was to find cheap hitting options with a chance at a big game. The one bat that kept popping to us was Molina at C, who has completely destroyed his pitching opponent in the past. We also like Harrison leading off for Pittsburgh for only $3,200. We also think Arizona will put up the highest score on the slate, so we made sure to get a couple pieces of that lineup. The full squad is listed below!