Maniacs Fantasy Challenge: Day 11

With our account now sitting at $89.05, we need to get back to winning ways... and quickly. We decided to enter two lineups tonight, since weekends allow us to tap into some other areas, like MMA. Plus, it allowed us to really look for value accross sports... and these are the spots we liked. So let's get some money back into the account!

MMA - $3 Haymaker

So the whole premise of the this lineup is to have a ton of value everywhere by paying way down in the prize fight. Since the main fight has 5 rounds, the hope is that it makes it a full 5 rounds without a sub or knockout, which will provide more than enough value out of Lobov, even in a loss. We really like Alvey and Ortiz --- Which let us pretty much have our pick of the top guys.

MLB - $1 Solo Shot Entry

Our whole lineup sets up with the savings by playing Straily, who we feel very confident in heading into San Diego. In fact, we really like Miami to win on the road, giving us some really good value on a few guys. We also liked Cleveland's matchup, which we are utilizing in a mini-stack.