Maniacs Fantasy Challenge - Day 7

Mattsradamus Bank Roll: $88.75 (pending $2 NBA Entry)

Entry: NBA --- $2 entry --- "$4K Layup"

Here's the rules of the challenge!

Last entry of our first week in the challenge and we definitely need a turn around... NOW!

We are going to implement a little game theory today and are going to fade the Super Chalk that is Derrick Favors. The bigs for the Clippers tend to do OK rebounding and with Favors moving into that 50% or more range, we pivot to Diaw, coming off the bench for $2,100 less salary cap and probably half (or less) the ownership. That allows us to pay up for a nucleus of Paul, Wade, Thomas, Horford and the Greek Freak. The other major value play on the board is Patrick Patterson, who is priced at a measly $2,400. That means for him to hit that "300 pace", he would only need to score us 14.4 fantasy points. Considering he gets 15-18 minutes a game, and is coming off a single digit fantasy point total, I think he gets his way to the desired score.

We debated moving off of Wade because we question his upside, but his floor is so solid that we decided to stick with it. Hopefully he is a pleasant surprise for us.