Maniac Fantasy Challenge - Recap Day 5 & 6

Little bit of a rough first week for the challenge as we had some wins and some losses. Overall the account is down 9.25 over the week and honestly, we got a little unlucky to be down that much. Our NBA lineup on Day five ended with 277.5 point but ended up missing the money by .5.

Unfortunately, we got a big fat 0 from Sefolosha who ended up not playing in the game and as of now no reason has been given for him missing the game. 

We also got a disappointing night from Gibson who played 20 minutes but was only able to grab one rebound and assist to go  along with 5 points. 








Last night, we dipped into the MLB and the lineup didn't go as planned. We got a great night out of Danny Salazar but an absolute stinker from Lackey who allowed 4 runs over six innings with only two strikeouts. The Yankees stack in the lineup with Castro and Headley worked out great however, Realmuto, Markakis and Ozuna all went hit less. 

We also missed the news on Carpenter before lineup lock so we messed up on that one.

Definitely not the best showing but we're here to show you all of the lineups we put in and were down to have some duds over the course of the challenge. 

Be sure to check out a lineup for tonight's action as we look to rebound off of a tough week.