Maniacs Fantasy Challenge Day 1: Recap

Last night on the first day of the fantasy challenge our lineup missed out on the money. We put up a semi solid 99.8 points but would have needed another 9 points to finish in the money. 

Honestly you've got to be disappointed in both Garcia and the Blue Jays offense. Garcia only managed to go 5 innings while allowing 3 ER and only striking out 4 batters. Garcia also walked 2 and allowed 7 hits. 

While Garcia's performance wasn't great it was a high risk play so we can't be to disappointed in his production. However, we can be upset with the Blue Jays lineup which we stacked only for them to score 0 runs. Stroman pitched an absolute gem and with a little help from Tulo, Davis and Martin in plus match ups this lineup could have been great. 

Maniacs Fantasy challenge Day 2 went up last night as we played in the $4 DK Gold tourney. 

Bank Roll: 95 (4 pending), $1 lost MLB

Be sure to be on the lookout for Money Webby's Top MLB Plays later today! 


lineup recap 4-12.jpg