Maniacs Fantasy Challenge Rules

Alright it's time for the Maniacs Fantasy Challenge! Today's the last day of the NBA regular season and the playoffs are an amazing time to play daily fantasy as every game matters and every team will play its heart out. Beyond that the baseball season is officially in full swing and we still have 3 of golfs biggest tournaments left.

The goal of the Fantasy Maniacs challenge is to see how many days we can make $100 on DraftKings last while following a specific set of Rules. The Rules will be as follows: 

1. Your account must start with between $1 and $100. 

2. You can only play 25% of your DK balance in any one day. 

3. You must play at least one lineup of greater than $1 everyday. 

4. You have to mix up the sports you play aka. no MLB or NBA only. Try and switch it up every day but we definitely understand that during the dog days of the summer MLB will be the major DK fantasy plays. 

5. Share your results! When you start the challenge send us a shout out on twitter and follow our challenge leader @Mattstradamus1 for all lineup updates. Everyday will be posting our lineups and the day after we will also post a recap of how much we won or lost on the day.