Introduction: MoneyWebby Fantasy Sports Writer

What’s up guys!

My name is Austin Webster and I will be your guide to get into the MONEY in fantasy sports, hence my name MoneyWebby. I will be covering Daily Fantasy strategies, tips, advice, and my plays for each day whether if be NBA, MLB, or NFL. I will be focusing on DraftKings mainly, but if you want me to cover FanDuel I will as well. Also I will write articles on season long format outlooks. This will show some trends I have seen and players I think you guys should be targeting or avoiding.

A little bit more about me

I am currently a senior at Saint Leo University studying Sport Business. I have some experience in fantasy sports through Pat Mayo where I worked on retrieving helpful statistics to lead you guys to the best players for each week. I am pursuing a career in fantasy sports and I hope you guys follow me on the journey… and hopefully into the Money. Lets do this thang.

Signing out – MoneyWebby

My YouTube channel where I post my daily fantasy advice