NBA DraftKings 5/7/2017

So yesterday we cashed on one of the three lineups we put in and ended up net even on the day for it. Tomorrow we finally have a slate bigger than two games and I think that its the perfect time to take advantage. Tomorrow we have the Wizards/Celtics, Houston/Rockets, and Cleveland/Raptors.

Lets hit you with the top 5 plays for tomorrow: 

1. Marcin Gortat - 6,700 Costing less than Love and Horford, Gortat provides you with the same upside as he has scored 38 points or more in every game this series. 

2. Clint Capela - 5,100 Capela has been an absolute beast in this series and has proven that he can torch anyone that the spurs throw at him. He's a great value play and if he scores any where close to the 43 he dropped last game you are looking at cashing. 

3. Patty Mills - This is another guy I think you need to have in your lineup at only 5,000 he gives you huge upside as hell get over 30 minutes and he was able to drop 28 points while shooting horribly from the field. If he is able to knock down a better percentage from the field its easy to see him going for over 30 dk points. 

4. John Wall- Wall is averaging one less dk point per game than Lebron but comes as 1,800 less. I think he is a guaranteed 45+ with a good shot at 60. I would lock him in tomorrow. 

5. James Harden - The Rockets back are officially against the wall and Harden needs to come through in game 4 at home to tie up this series. The Rockets can't afford to lose and Harden should have a huge game. 

Top Value Plays: 

1.  Corey Joseph - 4,000 He drew the start last night but that is not something I expect tomorrow. If he is able to play 25 minutes or so I think he can drop plus value and get you upwards of 25 fantasy points. 

2. Jaylen Brown - Steven's is looking for a new starting rotation tomorrow and Brown seems to be the obvious answer. All over the Boston Media people are projecting he may get the start and if he does I think at 2,200 he is a must play. 

Be on the look out for a lineup tomorrow!