NBA DraftKings 5/3/2017

Last night we absolutely murdered the game. Between myself and Mattsradamus we created 3 lineups all of which cashed. We had a high scoring lineup of 328.75 and a low scoring lineup of 272.75 netting us some massive returns last night. Both game's in tonight's slate have the possibilities to be blow outs but since both were in the last game I expect closer contested battles tonight. 

Here's my top 5 plays of the night: Last time these two teams played I loved the value on the centers and on the Rockets. I think that these guys will be huge plays again tonight. 

1. Lebron James - With more than enough value out there to play a solid lineup around him, I absolutely love him tonight. Expect the game to be closer tonight and for a monster night from Lebron. I would not be shocked if he drops a triple double. 

2. Clint Capela - It was pretty obvious in the last game that the Spurs big men are simply older and slower than Capela and he was able to take advantage. I don't really see much the spurs can do about that besides possibly playing Dedmond. Thus, I think Capela has another huge night. 

3. Kyrie Irving - Lowry is not a great defender and Irving absolutely toasted him during the first game in this series. In fact Irving has done this to the Raptors all season. 

4. Demar Derozan- Last game the Raptors simply didn't look like themselves and Derozan was one of the big factors. He struggled from the field and wasn't nearly as active on the defensive end. I think that tonight he bounces back. 

5. Lou Williams - He was a little bit of a disappointment in his last game however, he only played 23 minutes as the Rockets completely blew out the Spurs. I think tonight the game will be a lot closer and his scoring will be needed tonight. 

Value play of the day: Today's value play is a little tricky there are 3 great options and I would consider running a lineup rotating the three guys. 

1. Patrick Patterson, PJ Tucker, DeMarre Carroll - These three players are all under 3,300 and at least one of them has provided plus value in every playoff game. Personally tonight I think PJ Tucker may be the play based on his strong performance in game one but if he isn't performing he is easily replaceable at any point of the game with the other 2. 

2. Watch out for injury news on Jr Smith - If he sits out tonight look to Iman Shumpter as he could pick up a lot of his minutes as 2,500 he will be worth the gamble but only if JR is out of the lineup tonight.