NBA DraftKings 4/27/2017

Last night went pretty well for us! 6/7 picks did well. The only one we missed on was the value play of Gerald Greene he ended up only playing 12 minutes in the game which was a shock considering his output in the last two games. Crowder and Porter our two 5000 plays put up 31.25 and 27 respectively both getting over value. Thomas struggled from the floor shooting only 1/9 from three but still ended up scoring 37 points and reaching value for you. Another small slate tonight of only two games but here come the top plays for you! Today we are going to give you plays to build around and one value. This should be the base of your team with role players to fill out the rest of the roster. 

Top 5 

1. Lowry - When the Raptors play well Lowry plays well and the Raptors have been playing much better as of late. I think this will be a tight game giving Lowry a chance to drop 40+ tonight. 

2. Conley - Back at home for tonight's game Conley needs to put up some huge numbers or the Grizz simply don't have a chance. 

3. Leonard - Leonard has been a stud in this series dropping a high of 71 points in their last game at Memphis. Expecting similar numbers tonight is crazy but it shows the potential he has. I definitely expect a floor of 40 with a realistic expectation of around 55. 

4. Ibaka- absolutely love Ibaka and how he has played in the last couple games of this series. Ibaka has dropped 30+ in 4 out of the five games in this series and I think he does it again tonight. 

Value Play of the Day: 

1. Maker - Has been giving plus value all series and I expect that to continue again tonight. Expect 20 or so dk points out of him.