NBA DraftKings 4/22/2017

Lets go Guys, hope that you looked at our plays yesterday! We had CP3, Smart, Harden, Jordan, Lopez. All 5 of them actually played pretty well with Paul and Harden putting up 60+, Jordan put up 36.25 and we got another 20+ from Smart/Lopez . If you ended up with all 5 of our top plays in your lineup you would have scored a solid 207.5 with 11,900 remaining for 3 players. You easily could have had some solid plays left with Zipser, Ingles, Gibson or AB and you would have easily netted yourself some money. Last last night we actually pivoted to Gerald green for the value play once we found out he was starting and while he only put up 10 points you still got plus value out of him. 

Now for the top plays today: 

1. Dennis Schroder - 7,200 is a great value for him. Over the last 2 games he has put up an average of 40 fantasy points during the playoffs and I easily see his floor at 30+ points. With that he is almost a must play. Definitely lock him in!

2. Draymond Green -8,100 Draymond has shown during the playoffs that even though the Warriors may blow out Portland he has the potential to drop 60+ while having a relatively high floor of 30+. If the game is close Draymond will play 38 minutes and easily drop 40+ fantasy points. 

3. Paul Millsap 7,400 - Millsap has been inconsistent all season and we continue to see it in the playoffs. So far this series he has dropped 21 and then 51 points. I think that tonight he lands somewhere in between and has a good outing. 

4. Kyle Lowry 7,700 - The Raptors got absolutely dominated in the last game and I expect them to come back with avengence in this one. For that to happen the Raptors will need their floor general to have a great game. If the Raptors are in this one expect a big night from lowry.

5. CJ McCollum 7,000 -  In the playoffs teams tend to not get blow out twice in a row especially not at home. I think that tonight McCollum will need a big game to keep Portland in it! 

Value plays:

1. Thon Maker 3,400 - Is an extremely cheap for a starter on either team and he actually played pretty well in the last game. I think that he has the potential to drop 20+ points tonight and is definitely someone I would lock in! 

2. Javale McGee - While we know he is going to get limited minutes, we know that he has been able to torch Portland's backups. If this game gets out of hand then he can easily come in and drop 30 fantasy points again.