Top 10: Boston's Most Hated

It's always fun to write these articles and looking back at who are some of the most hated athletes by Bostonians. This list was a pretty easy one to come up with and I could have probably done more but feel free to comment anybody you guys think I missed. 

10. Dennis Schroder - The last two seasons Boston fans have really gotten sick of his cry baby attitude. He continually complains about calls and continues to talk trash on and off the court about IT. Schroder claims that IT talked smack about his mom, but honestly with the cheap shots that Schroder continually makes on IT throughout the game maybe, just maybe he deserves it.  

9. T.J. Ward - Besides the fact that all of Boston would hate him simpily for playing for the Broncos. It's hard to over look the fact that he is one of the dirtiest players in the league who continually goes low on and injures our favorite tightend. 

8. Jacoby Ellsbury - He was a beloved fan favorite and then he went to the dark side. 

7. Johnny Damon - was a Boston Hero for his 2004 ALCS Game 7 heroics against the Yankees when he hit 2 home runs and drove in 6. But, just the 2005 season he abandoned ship to join the dark side. 

6. Eli Manning - is the only quarterback to ever beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl and he did it not once but twice. Due to this as die hard fans we all hate his late game heroics ripping away 2 supe bowls from the GOAT. However,  we will always hate his brother even more. 

5. Payton Manning - aka. Mr. Perfect, is the biggest rival to Tom Brady in the NFL and it seemed as if he could never do anything wrong. Even when it came out that he may have used steriods or molested a trainer during college the media gave him a pass. If that had been Brady he would have been slaughtered by the press. Nevertheless, we will always have a special hatred for Payton in our hearts for the 07 championship game comeback and the 2016 20-18 victory at mile high. 

4. Kobe Bryant- the foremost rival of the Celtics during the 2008 and 2010 NBA finals. Kobe ripped away the 2010 championship in game 7 with a game high 24 points. 

3. Lebron James - The Celtics knocked Lebron out of the playoffs in both 08, 10, and he knocked them out in 11,12, 15. Lebron continues to be the Celtics main nemesis as the Celtics need to go through him to reach the NBA Finals for the next couple years. 

2. Alex Rodriguez - he may be retired and now be an analyst for Fox but that doesn't change the fact that everyone in Boston despises him with their entire being. Not only does this stem from the decades of Yankee hatred but how can anyone forget the infamous brawl with Varitek and if you did here's a video to remind you.

Public Enemy #1: Roger Goodell - Being perfectly honest this should be self explanatory as Goodell royally screwed over the Pats as he railroaded Tom Brady and the team during deflategate. Since the end of the trial Goodell has avoided Boston like it has the plague and when he finally returns for the first game of the 2017 season I'm sure he'll have some hell to pay.