What A Time to Be A Celtic



For the Boston Celtics, the wins have just been piling up. Not only is the number 1 seed in the East getting ready to play in the conference finals, but they are now officially the number 1 pick in this upcoming NBA Draft.

You can check out the full 2017 NBA Draft Lottery here:

2017 Boston Celtics Draft Picks:

#1 - #37 - #53 - #56

It feels nice to beat the Lakers, even if it's not in a game. Now with the top pick in this deep draft, the Celtics have an uncountable amount of possibilities. Whether they keep the pick or trade it away for a superstar, the Celtics will have a wonderful future. Not to mention that the Celtics also have the Nets pick next year as well.

Free agency could be huge for Boston as well, having possible max contract money. With big names like Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin, they could lure in possibly, even more, help in this year's market to go along with that top pick. 

If you are one that already hates the Celtics, this will just be another reason to hate them, as they are just so successful as of late. If you truly are a Boston Maniac, you have been very fortunate to see so much success, not only from the Celtics but from the Patriots as well. It's just a great time to be a New England fan.

It's hard to believe this much success is true. But with great management from Danny Ainge, the Celtics are indeed in the best position that any team could be heading into the future. 

What a time to be a Celtic.