With the NBA Draft Approaching who should Celtics Consider at Pick 3

Yes, the Celtics gave up the number one pick and none of us are too happy with the details outlining the trade. However, at this point the trade is complete and we need to start focusing on the draft. The Celtics are now drafting 3rd in the NBA draft for the second year in a row and again there are several prospects that the Celtics will have to choose from. I highly doubt that Ball or Fultz is available for the Celtics at 3 so lets leave them out of the conversation for now. 

First we can take a look at which players the Celtics should target. Then we can look at some of the rumors flying around the NBA right now.

First and foremost this decision really comes down to 2 players Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson. Jackson is higher on most draft boards because of his potential ceiling however, Tatum is more well rounded and appears more NBA ready at this point. 

Josh Jackson Pros: FREAK! That's the best way to describe him, much in the same way that Jaylen Brown was last year. Jackson's athleticism rivals Brown's for sure. Those two could be a tormenting duo on the defensive end and the Celtics transition offense would reach an elite level. Jackson does a solid job rebounding the basektball on both ends of the court as he picked up 17.4% of rebounds on the defensive end and 8.7% on the offensive end. Jackson also showed above average playmaking ability as he assisted 18.1% of all made field goals when he was on the court. 

Cons: Jackson's shooting form is pretty ugly as he pulls one hand off and away from the ball at all times. While he did shoot solid percentages from the floor, his 56% foul shooting rate is probably a better indicator of his shot than anything else. Jackson will need to rework his shot before his offensive game will be truly lethal in the NBA. 

jayson tatum.jpg

Jayson Tatum Pros: Tatum is a great all around player. He has the ability to score the ball efficiently and create for others while playing excellent defense. I think that Tatum is severely underrated on the defensive end and that he is significantly more athletic than a lot of people give him credit for. Tatum has a defensive rating of 97.1 which is a full 3 points higher than Jackson's. Tatum also shot 84.9% from the free throw line and I think that he has the potential to become an elite shooter in the NBA. 

Cons: I don't really think that Tatum has any major flaws in his game. One important area for improvement is his playmaking. He needs to work on his playmaking abilities as he only assisted 12.1% of teammates field goals while he was on the court. 

Personally, I would take Tatum here. I think that he is a better fit for the Celtics as he can add some much needed offense while adding a similar level of defense as Jackson. In my opinion it is more likely that Tatum reaches his potential than Jackson based upon the current state of each's offensive game. 

Rumor 1: Yet again...... Jimmy Butler is on the table. Look I'm being perfectly honest. Yes he is probably available but I think that it is very unlikely that he will be moved. These rumors have been going on for three years and they probably will never get a better offer than the one the Celtics gave them months ago. Nevertheless reports are that he is going to be moved and it's either to the Celtics or the Cavs. (According to CSN Chicago) This is one I'll have to see to believe but Butler could soon be sporting a new uniform. 

Rumor 2: Kristaps Porzingis is available: If I'm the Celtics I am more than willing to give up a first round pick (even this years first rounder) and the protected pick from the Lakers/ Kings. Porzingis is a very solid young player who has proven he can rebound, rim protect and shoot the the three well. He would easily slide in beside Horford in the Celtics starting lineup. 

Rumor 3: Celtics and Suns swap picks for Suns to take Jackson. The Celtics would then take Tatum.  No specifics have really been given out on what the Celtics would get for this. However, if the Celtics want Tatum and the Suns are willing to move up for Jackson they should probably make the trade.