Is Kelly Olynyk dirty?

Boston has been getting bad publicity recently and it doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. First, is the Red Sox/Orioles scandal- the slide, the hits, the racial slurs. Now, it's the Celtics turn. Isaiah Thomas' remarks, to a fan who was harassing him, during game 4 and now the million dollar question that has everyone talking: Is Kelly Olynyk dirty? Short answer, no. Long answer, still no.

This is not going to end anytime soon because the media has finally found the villain they desperately want. In the NFL, it is Tom Brady. In college basketball it is Grayson Allen. This is a Boston team. Boston is the villain, always. If Kelly Olynyk was not on a Boston sports team, it is more probable than the Patriots winning a fifth ring that this wouldn't even be an issue. Everyone hates Boston so the second something like this happens, it is going to be a huge deal whether it should be or not. The Kevin Love injury, hasn't been talked about in so long but its become a huge story this week.

Did Olynyk intentionally hurt Kevin Love? Personally, it doesn't look like it. It looks like he was trying to play defense and stop Love from getting that rebound, didn't think about where his hand went and accidentally pushed down a little too hard, then got his hands tied up. The Oubre incident? That was a questionable screen by Olynyk but you don't go after the play has ended and try to fight someone with an official right there. Everyone is saying how Isaiah Thomas should have been "professional" after a drunk Wizards fan harassed him all of game three and Thomas started swearing at him and the same applies here. Olynyk may have been in the wrong, but Oubre shouldn't fight fire with fire. And, of course, the king of cheap shots had to say something. The dude who kicks guys in the crotch, intentionally tries to re-injure someone and loses his team the Finals because he can't keep his damn mouth shut called Olynyk dirty? He has no room to talk. Better yet Green has 13 technical's this season almost three times as many as Olynyk who has 5 on the season. Olynyk has also only been fined $6,000 for technical fouls by the Nba over the course of his 4 year career and he has also only been suspended for one game over his career and even that was questionable. 

These "professionals" are so far up the Warriors asses, they won't say anything bad about them. News flash- No Cavalier, Warrior, Celtic or any other player is squeaky clean, and no one can be that delusional to think otherwise. Yes, Olynyk does get a lot of offensive fouls against him. Yes, he is probably the most careless person on the Celtics team when it comes to playing defense. Yes, he probably should get more fouls called on him. But no, he doesn't have an inner hockey player in him.