Celtics round two predictions.

After a rough start to open the playoffs and a four game winning streak on their record, the Celtics are looking for a better start to the semifinals. The one seed will take on four seed, Washington Wizards, later today and will not only be hoping to take the early lead to the series but also trying to diminish the Garden Curse record. 

Big questions? The entire first round was a "what if this, what if that" kind of thing. Tragedies, injuries and motivation all played a factor but there isn't anything to take out of it. The second round will answer the questions that the first round left wide open.

Are the Celtics really the worst one seed? When the C's went 0-2 to start off against the Bulls, the assumptions that they were the worst one seed in forty years started flying around. Then, former C's star, Rajon Rondo got injured and the C's won four in a row. It could be a coincidence or could actually be the reason the C's advanced. We might not have won with Rondo playing like a 2008 Celtic, the rough start could have been because of the Thomas family tragedy, could be because Butler was hurt, the excuses could go on and on. There is no answer to what could have been, this is what happened and we need to move on and see how the rest of the season plays out. 

Can they keep up the streak? The C's four game winning streak high will carry into the second round for two reasons- one, there isn't much of a break for them to relax, they go right into the second round and two, they still have home court advantage so the thousands of Bostonians cheering them on will keep their high going. But playing a tougher team than the eight seed Bulls might make what sounds easy a lot more challenging. Actions speak louder than words and whoever proves that better will win this series.

How is Isaiah gonna handle his emotions? After the game six clincher, Isaiah Thomas flew back home to Washington for his younger sister's funeral, who passed away in a car crash a few weeks ago. He rejoined the team Saturday night and is expected to play in game one. His emotions are going to be all over the place and rightfully so. Thomas deciding to play already shows how much he loves and want this for his team but will the emotions of Thomas reflect off the entire team and get them into another hole or will the emotions be enough for them to win for him and take the early edge?!

Predictions-  Celtics in six. C's will win the first two at home, lose the first two away games, then win games five and six to play the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.