The Celtics are not the weakest one seed.

Six words. There are six little words that piss me off beyond belief. It is all I have been hearing since playoffs have begun. "Celtics are the weakest one seed." Maybe it's because this is my team, and no one wants to hear bad things about their team- or maybe it's because it is far from the truth.

Not being from Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England area, I fell in love with this team randomly and all alone. When I started to watch professional basketball, I was in middle school(I think it started around early 2010). It was the Big 3, Doc and the center of a dynasty. Being 13 at the time, I thought that was perfect and it would be so long before change. I never imagined what would happen when the big three left. I always believed Pierce, Garnett and Allen would all retire Celtic's. When it finally happened, I couldn't believe it. I had to keep telling myself "Nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same." These two quotes are even more relevant now. There was going to come a season where the Cavs or Warriors would fall from the top and that happened to be this season. The Cavaliers ended up being a second seed while the overlooked Boston Celtics ended up on top. They may still be the favorites to win the Finals and repeat but this proves that there is a chance an underdog can pull the upset and end up victorious. The Celtics are the best team to knock off Lebron James and his sidekicks but the "weakling" factor is holding this actual possibility back and here are the reasons why. 

First, this Rondo thing. Throughout the entire regular season, Rondo only averaged 7.8 points. Now he is a "god" because he did good in two games before getting injured? Makes no sense. The fact Rondo got injured before game three and the Bulls haven't won since is a huge coincidence. Yes, the Bulls might have beat us if Rondo never got injured. But even with a healthy Rondo, the Celtics might be able to beat them fair and square if the tragic passing of Chyna Thomas never happened.  If Jimmy Butler had a grandparent he was very close with or a parent pass away during a playoff series, I bet he wouldn't play well, if he even plays at all. The entire team would be affected because they want to be there for their friend/teammate and make sure he gets the closure he deserved. That is exactly what happened in the first two games with Isaiah Thomas and his team. No one deserves to go through what Thomas has in the past two weeks. This entire series, no matter who wins, will not determine the value of each team. The round will forever be a "what if" series. A person is not weak nor his value as a player diminishes when an event that will alter his life forever occurs. 

Secondly, the media or "norm" of who will be good. Let's think about it this way: the Celtics could go 82-0, sweep every opponent in the playoffs, including in the Finals and all anyone would be talking about is a shot Lebron made in practice that he posted on instagram or something.  Think I'm wrong? Take a look at this season: Celtics beat Cleveland in March? No big deal, this one dunk Lebron made was way better than that. Celtics dominate the Warriors in Oakland? Whatever. Celtics do the unthinkable and jump the Cavs for first place? Just a fluke. Celtics clinch the one-seed after everyone said no one would jump the Cavs? Oh, it isn't playoffs so it's not important. Celtics lose the first two playoff games? Oh, they are the worse one seed in 40 years and their season is over. Celtics win three in a row and are only one win away from advancing? Silence. 

The Celtics aren't the best team in the league. They aren't the best team in the East. But you can't say they don't deserve to be where they are cause they sure as hell do.