Does Isaiah Thomas Have a MVP case?

As the NBA regular season starts to wind down and playoff season starts to ramp up, all the media is talking about now are the four MVP candidates: James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry and Lebron James. But what about the underrated little guy? Boston sure thinks he should be in those talks. 

MVP has so many different meanings and it's getting off track to the real reward of being a MVP. The Most Valuable Player should be someone who is the leader of their team on and off the court, someone who can rack up points but also be an incredible role model to young kids watching them at home, and someone who, if they had to miss the game, that team would be lost without them.  Just because you are in the Finals and have loads of all-stars with you, does not make you a MVP(cough cough, Curry and James). The perfect example of a true MVP would be Derek Carr in the NFL. With that being said, this year's MVP should be Russell Westbrook, who may not be the most humble guy, but racks up the points and can carry a whole team on his back. But that doesn't mean Isaiah Thomas shouldn't be in consideration because he should.

The 5-foot-9 point guard has shown time and time again why he such an asset to the Celtics team. With the media up the Warriors and Cavs butts, the Celtics(and Thomas) are overlooked. Thomas is averaging 29.1 points per game with Westbrook being the only candidate beating him at 31.9 per game and Harden being tied with Thomas. The Celtics have beat every team with a MVP candidate except the Thunder(which both games were lost by five points or less). The two games he was out for last month proved he carries this team when they barely beat the worst team in the league(Nets) and lost to the 76ers after a blowout fourth quarter. He has led the Celtics to the number one spot in the East numerous times in the past few weeks, where they are right now.  Plus, Boston is the leading team in fourth quarter points thanks to Thomas. 

When the Big Three and Doc Rivers left, the Celtics became less of a household name for what is being called their "rebuilding years," and with other teams or players who have stayed in the spotlight longer(example Lebron James), the Celtics have been off of everyone's radar- so hearing a C's player in a MVP running does not sound right. But Isaiah Thomas is bringing this team back quicker than anyone thought. They are still the favorite to beat the Cavs in the East and although Thomas may not get the recognition he deserves now, he will during the playoffs and will prove he should have been in these talks.