The Celtics Future



Looks like March Madness isn't just for college basketball. With the Cavaliers losing ten games this month, the Celtics have done the impossible- jumped the team that has the media up their asses, to mark the first place spot in the East. The Cinderella team of the NBA has come in and come in strong. 

Before any bandwagoners come out and say "Oh, the Celtics are only on top because the Cavs are slipping," that is not technically right. Yes, the Cavaliers are having a rough patch, but the Celtics would not have jumped them if they weren't playing great. The C's are 11-5 for the month and have won eight of their last ten games. There are six more games left in the regular season, three against playoff contending teams(Cavs, Hawks, Bucks) and have the easiest remaining schedule while the Cavs have the hardest(Celtics, Hawks twice, Raptors, and Heat). 

So what is the best thing the Celtics can do right now? Easy. Win out. Winning out would not only make them look like true contenders(if people are still doubting that) and keep them in first, but also if the standings stay the same as they are right now, they would almost keep them completely away from the Hawks and Raptors, the two hardest teams for the Celtics to beat. 

Currently, this is how the playoffs would look if the season ended right this moment: The Celtics(1) would play the Pacers(8), the Wizards(4) would play the Bucks(5), Raptors(3) would play the Hawks(6) and the Cavs(2) will play the Heat(7). Winners of 1/8 and 4/5 play each other and the winners of 3/6 and 2/7 play. Those winners advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Bold Prediction: The Celtics will win the Eastern Conference Finals to the Cavs but lose in seven games to the Spurs in the Finals. Personally, I would love to be wrong, but I think a tough ECF and six games against, arguably, the best team in the league will wear them out and they will just fall short. But hey, if my bracket proves the accuracy of my predictions, anything 's possible.